Final Cut Drawing Tool Plugins


Curve - Multi-Point



The curve generator, Curve - Multi-Point, lets you draw a smooth spline curve with between 3 and 8 control points. The 1st and last points anchor the curve ends and the other "handle" points let you pull bends in the curve, one bend per point. You can draw curves with up to 6 bends in them. The example below shows a 4 point curve, with the curve handles shown as small green squares. As the interior handles are moved, the amount of bend in the curve is affected, as well as the direction of the curve tangent at neighboring points.

The Geometry section of the generators control panel lets you set the Number of Points in the curve as well controlling the display of the green curve-handle points and point numbers in the Canvas. Note that you may have to switch the Canvas to Image+Wireframe mode to view the point labels.

Note also that the point labels are not visible in rendered video and that the arrow-heads are optional, controlled by the Arrows section of the curve's control panel.

The control panel for the Curve generator is arranged in sections, with the Geometry section followed by sections for controlling other attributes of the graphic. These sections are common with several other of the Lyric Drawing Tool generators and are described in a separate Common Controls page. Note that the RT versions of the generators have certain features missing (fill clips and auto-fade). The control sections for Curves include:


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