Final Cut Plugins

Drawing Tools

Lyric's Drawing Tools plugin kit provides a versatile set of generators for drawing all kinds of graphic elements directly within Final Cut. The kit includes polygons, multi-segment lines, spline curves, ovals & circles, arcs, wedges and rectangular grids, etc.

Most of the generators come in a number of variants that support different drawing methods, such as:

  • center point and size sliders
  • bounding corner points
  • freehand placement of all points

and the drawing tools include various controls for:

  • independent frame & fill color or fill clip
  • line thickness
  • rotation and scale
  • frame & fill opacity and edge softening
  • variable-size start and end arrow heads
  • corner-rounding
  • fill beveling
  • integrated drop-shadow
  • automatic fade in/fade out

The kit comprises 11 generators covering 6 basic graphic types. In the Final Cut Pro 4/HD and Final Cut Express 2 install, there are two versions of each generator, the version tagged with an "(RT)" is a realtime-enabled version with reduced features.

Compatible with Final Cut Pro v3 to v7 and Final Cut Express on G4, G5 and Intel Macs

There are 2 line generators, one for drawing straight lines of given angle & length, the other for drawing multi-segment lines passing through up to 8 points. The multi-segment line supports variable-radius round corners and both include appropriate sets of the controls listed above. More...
The curve generator allows smooth spline curves to be drawn through up to 8 control points. As with the Line generators, Curves supports variable line thickness, color or optional fill clip, along with start and end arrows, and controls for opacity, softness & drop shadow. More...

Two of the polygon generators let you draw regular figures like triangles, rectangles, pentagons, hexagons and octagons using either bounding corner points for on-canvas sizing, or origin point & sliders for accurately controlling width, height & rotation. The 3rd lets you draw arbitrary polygons, including convex and complex polys with up to 8 vertices. All support independent frame & fill control with variable-radius round corner and fill beveling with a variable light source. More...


There are 2 generators for drawing ovals and circles. The first uses an origin point and sliders for controlling width, height & orientation and the 2nd uses bounding corner points for on-canvas sizing. As with the polygons, the oval & circle generators support frame & fill control including auto-scaling fill clips. More...


The 2 arc generators can also be used to generate filled or framed pie wedges. As with the other generators in this kit, the alternative versions provide either an origin and slider-based drawing mode for accurate angle setting or an on-canvas point mode for interactive arc drawing. More...


The grid generator can produce line & rectangular grids of various kinds. The colum & row count & sizes can be set, as can line thickness and color. The rectangles in the grid can be filled with color or an image or clip, and the fill clip can be repeated throughout the grid. More...


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