Final Cut Drawing Tool Plugins




The Lyric Grids generator can be used to draw grids of lines or rectangles, as shown in the examples below. The Geometry section of the generator's control panel contains parameters for setting the shape and size of the grid.

Origin sets the position of the center of grid.

Number of Rows, Number of Columns, Height & Width set the basic dimensions and layout of the grid.

Vertical Gap & Horizontal Gap enable grids of rectangles to be drawn when larger than 0. They set the spacing size between the rows & columns of rectangles.

1:1 Aspect Lock disables the Width slider and always produces a square grid based on the value of the Height slider.

Scale & Rotation will transform the grid around its origin point.

Note that Fill and fill effects such as Bevelling apply to the individual rectangles in the grid, as show in the example on the right below. See

Further, when using Image or Clip fills in the non-RT version, enabling the Fit Clip mode will replicate the image or clip in each of the grid's rectangles, as shown in the examples below.

The control panel for the Grid generator is arranged in sections, with the Geometry section followed by sections for controlling other attributes of the graphic. These sections are identical to several other of the Lyric Drawing Tool generators and are described in a separate Common Controls page. Note that the RT versions of the generators have certain features missing (fill clips and auto-fade). The control sections for Grids include:


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