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The 15 Matte Filters produce and manipulate mattes, also known as alpha-channels, that control the transparency of areas within a clip. You use these when layering several clips to form a composite, or to limit the effect of other filters to certain areas within a clip. Several of the filters produce mattes based on the content in each frame, such as color or saturation or luminance levels or object edges or frame-to-frame changes. Others let you construct geometric or gradient or grid-based mattes. Yet others can be used to modify and blend other mattes.

All the Lyric Matte Filters have built-in controls for choking, expanding, feathering, inverting and cross-fading and they can be blended with any existing alpha-channel in several ways.

The Mattes Filters:

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Lyric Final Cut Effects

Masked Effects

The Masked Effects kit includes special versions of several standard Final Cut filters, enhanced so their effects can be masked by a Matte filter or existing alpha-channel. This lets you exercise fine control over the application of these effects within areas of the frame, such as applying a graduated tint across the frame or a noise-softening blur to the stationary areas in a clip or a saturation bump to just the low-saturation areas, and so on.

The effects provide even further control, letting you target specific channels, such as red, green, blue, luminance or chroma, and to further limit the effect to highlights or midtones or shadows. They also provide a mask-preview display similar to the translucent red mask display mode in Photoshop. As an added bonus, Masked Sharpen contains a corrected implementation of Unsharp Mask; Final Cut's built-in Unsharp Mask does not process the dark side of edges correctly.

The Masked Effects:

Special Effects

The Special Effects kit is a set of 30 video filters offering a range of effects, including image correction, photographic effects and stylizing special-effects.

As with Masked Effects, the Special Effects can be controlled by mattes or alpha-channels, so you can target the effect to specific parts of an image. They can also be applied to selected channels in the image and have a built-in effect fader that controls final blending of the effect with the original clip.

The Lyric Specifal EFfects :

The Lyric Final Cut Effects Kit contains over 50 powerful video effect filters. It includes 15 new matte filters, updated versions of common built-in effects that can be controlled by mattes or alpha-channels, and a range of 30 special-effects filters for image-correction, photographic effects and other stylized effects.

You can see a gallery of all the effects here, or download a fully-functioning trial copy of all the Lyric Effects here, or purchase a copy for immediate download here.


Compatible with Final Cut Pro v4, HD, v5, v6 & v7 and Final Cut Express v3 & HD
on PowerPC (G4, G5) and Intel Macs

Image Correction


Photo Effects


Stylize Effects


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