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Lyric's Pan Zoom Pro plugin for Final Cut is designed to radically simplify the task of achieving smooth and even pans and zooms within high-resolution photos, the so-called "Ken Burns" effect. Instead of manually keyframing scale and center controls in the Final Cut Motion panel and estimating keyframe timings to achieve controlled pixel velocities, you draw framing rectangles on an overview of the whole photo and let the plugin handle all the timing and motion automatically. This can reduce the time to set up such moves to matters of seconds and practically eliminate the need for repeated experimenting with keyframe & ease settings to achieve the desired results.

You can perform complex moves with up to 5 separate framings, each with its own hold timing, rotation and ease control. In full-auto mode, the plugin sets the landing times of any intermediate framings such that maximum pixel velocities between framings are equal and so all the pans and zooms look even.

The plugin provides on-screen readout of timing and pixel velocities that update in realtime as you adjust framings or manually set intermediate framing landing times or adjust clip duration, so you can easily achieve specific moves within a clip or consistent motion across a set of clips.

For moves with significant zooms, you can enable zoom-compensation which counteracts the apparent speed changes you would see in a simple linear-keyframed scaling.

An integrated flicker filter is available that is proportional to zoom level such that filtering is increased on full shots where detail is fine and reduced on close-ups where detail is large enough to avoid flicker. The filter is applied to the source image rather than the rendered framing, resulting in substantially superior flicker suppression to the built-in FCP flicker filter.

You can apply ease control, either globally or to invidual framings, so that motion into and out of framing points accelerates and decelerates smoothly. Eases on concurrent pans and zooms are automatically synchronized so that apparent motion remains smooth and even, something that is particularly difficult to achieve when manually applying separate eases to keyframed center and scale controls in the Motion panel.

  • rapid set up of complex pans and zooms on hi-res photos
  • supports moves with up to 5 separate framings, each with its own pan, zoom, rotation, hold and ease settings
  • full auto-mode sets timing of intermediate framings to give even pixel velocities between framings
  • on-screen display of framing times and pixel velocities allows interactive adjustment of pan/zooms/durations to easily achieve desired motion
  • automatic zoom compensation to avoid apparent speed changes common in linear scale keyframing
  • integrated flicker filter that is proportional to zoom level
  • global and individual ease controls with synchronized pan and zoom ease

Compatible with Final Cut Pro v4 to v7 and Final Cut Express v2, v3 & HD on G4, G5 and Intel Macs



The screen-shot to the right shows an example 2-move setup. The green square is the start framing, held for 15 frames as signified by the "s@0:0/15" label. The shot pans right to the yellow intermediate framing at 86 pixels/sec, landing at 16:27 into the clip and holding for 30 frames, again as shown by the labels. The final move is a zoom out & pan to the red frame at 30:19 with another hold for 30 frames. The plugin automatically sets the intermediate landing time so that both moves have a maximum pixel velocity of 86 pixels/sec, indicating they will show the same apparent speed. All the moves use a global ease setting of 20.

The final rendering can be seen here:

Read more about Pan Zoom Pro in the Users Guide.

Click to show rendered move from this PanZoomPro framing setup  

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