Final Cut Plugins

Motion Tracking Kit

Lyric's Motion Tracking plugin kit provides a set of image processing and compositing tools based around an advanced feature motion tracking engine. The tracking engine supports:

  • sub-pixel and center-of-weight motion tracking
  • feature selection on any clip frame
  • interactive, frame-by-frame tracking repair
  • track smoothing

The kit comprises 4 filters:

An enhanced version of Final Cut's built-in Image Stabilizer filter for reducing or removing camera shake from a clip. In addition to the basic tracking engine features, it supports adjustable, automatic scaling & cropping based on the largest stabilizing corrections in the clip. More...

Compatible with Final Cut Pro v3 to v7 and Final Cut Express on G4, G5 and Intel Macs

A compositing filter that lets you track a feature moving within a clip and then pin another, usually masked, clip to it so that the pinned clip moves along with the feature. Pinning controls include: offset, scale, rotation, opacity, edge softening, and compositing modes. More...

An image manipulation filter that lets you track a feature moving within a clip and then apply a blur to an adjustable elliptical area in the clip that follows the feature as it moves within the clip.

You can use Pin Blur to generate the classic "cop show" effect, obscuring a face or a feature in a clip by blurring just that part of the image as it moves around the frame. You can also achieve a localized "traveling" soft-focus effect by reducing the pinned blur radius and opacity. Blur controls include: offset, height, width, rotation, edge-softening and opacity. More...


A compositing filter that lets you track the 4 corners of a quadrilateral moving within a clip and then pin another clip within it so that the pinned clip is distorted to fit the quad as it moves and changes shape through the clip. This is also known as Corner Pinning.

You can use 4-Point Pin to composite new moving features onto an existing clip such that they change shape as features in the clip change, for example to place signs on the sides of trucks or buildings as they move and change perspective through the clip. Pin controls include: overall clip offset, pinning point offsets, X & Y scale with automatic aspect adjustment, opacity, edge softening and compositing modes. More...

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