Unlock Possible is our mantra. To us it's about discovery. The joy of uncovering new experiences in your suite, in your city and in your day. It's about empowerment,
the ability to design your time according to your own passions and priorities. It's about opening a world of previously unthinkable opportunities for everyone we encounter. It's about a more connected way of living.


We strive to bring fresh ideas, new
points of view and creative people
together to foster communication
and transform thought. We create
a curated experience of the sights,
sounds and tastes of the city to
connect our guests to its culture
and its communities.

New Ideas

We are here to inspire new thinking in
our guests and help bring it to life in
the world. From bright studio-like
spaces to tools and resources that
allow everyone to express their
unique ideas, we're designing a
platform that empowers people
and facilitates creation.

Creating a
New Way of

We're charting a course for those
who want to move around the
world more freely and live more
fully in each destination. With a
focus on flexibility, purpose and
community, we're designing a
network of spaces that help our
guests feel at home everywhere.

Our Passions


Our in-house brand and interiors
teams are obsessed with modern
and purposeful design and
consider every detail to ensure our
guests get more from their stay.


Our data scientists, product
managers, and software and
hardware engineers are incubating
proprietary technologies to make
every experience a seamless one.


From the best buildings and
locations to resident artisans with
a unique story to tell, we love
unlocking what's special about
cities and their people.

Our People

We're a diverse group of thinkers and specialists, creatively working together to ensure delight and discovery for every stay. Our team includes the incredible communities we're privileged to collaborate with every day. From deeply engaged photographers to dedicated cleaning teams to ethical artisan coffee roasters, we're bringing really special people together to create really special experiences.

Join this growing team of passionate
travelers and innovators.


Our Founders

Realizing people want to live and travel in a more flexible and experience-driven way, Andrew Kitchell and Joe Fraiman founded Lyric in 2014. With a focus on design, technology and community, Lyric is growing a network of uniquely familiar spaces that help guests feel at home everywhere.

Andrew Kitchell
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Andrew has been focused on the evolution of real estate technology since 2009, when he joined geodata real estate start-up Movity. With extensive expertise in the short-term rental space, he led property management and data science companies, and developed the first data-driven dynamic pricing platform for the category in 2013. Andrew is regularly invited to speak at industry conferences on topics ranging from travel to real estate technology.

Joe Fraiman
Founder & President

Joe has a multifaceted background in real estate, finance, software, and interior design. His early career was in software, primarily at Bridgewater Associates. While there, he held several technical and management leadership roles before joining the firm’s sales team, helping to raise over $2 billion as Bridgewater grew from a boutique investment firm to the largest hedge fund in the world. In 2011 Joe founded his first start-up, Tastemaker, which was part of Y Combinator’s 2012 summer cycle.

We really want our guests to feel comfortable and compelled to be productive in their own ways.

Andrew & Joe


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