Going back to our roots

Boutique suites

More space to spin vinyl

Boutique suites

More space to brew local coffee

Boutique suites

More space to cook your way

Boutique suites

More space to dream big

We designed the travel space we’ve always dreamed of: refined, thoughtful, and locally connected like a boutique hotel, but spacious and homey, like an apartment. In other words, it’s an inspiring space with room to do you. It’s pretty awesome.

6 years ago, our company journey began by building technology to power a space we thought was wildly misunderstood.

While hoteliers and the press referred to the phenomenon of Airbnb as “Alternative Accommodations”, we saw something different.

We believed that Airbnb represented the greatest unlocking of creativity in the history of hospitality, and we wanted to build tools to empower the people who are fueling this movement.

Riding the success of our software, we’ve been fortunate to partner with many great investors and partners along the way - from Airbnb & Kayak, to 25 of the top 50 real estate teams in the US, all while being fortunate to build amazing product, brand design, and operations teams, and creating the #1 rated hotel in NYC!

However, the Lyric aspect of our journey is going on pause.

Moving forward, our team will be focused on building software to power the evolution of our space.  

Specifically, we're focused on launching a new version of Wheelhouse (usewheelhouse.com), a pricing & analytics platform designed to power professional operators.

Today, Wheelhouse powers 10,000's of professional operators, and our team is proud to continue to push our industry forward, focused on a technology stack we believe can help accelerate our category's growth.

The lessons we have learned in operating a full-fledge hospitality business have meaningfully impacted how we think about our product.

We look forward to incorporating those learnings into a product that empowers the next generation of operators to deliver amazing experiences to their guests.



Our guests
say it best

Having the full kitchen available to cook a few family traditions along with the city market grocery, Crown Shy restaurant and Black Fox Coffee shop was the cherry on top!

We were so happy to have found this gem. What a relief to have room to spread out and get comfortable.

This place is in the heart of center city; near a ton of great restaurants and bars. Check-in was incredibly easy and the front desk staff was super friendly. I loved the decor and the view of the city. The pour over coffee and snacks were a nice touch!

It’s chic, has a nice design and offers many complementary details like free coffee, chips, pens and small notebooks. Loved the classy record player with jazz music!
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