Spring Reads from the Strand

Photos by Joel Barhamand

From life hacks to revolutionary women, this is just a small sampling of the reads to be found in the LYRIC at 70 Pine library

Curated especially for you by the booksellers at Strand Book Store, this list is just a small sampling of the many wonderful reads to be found in the LYRIC at 70 Pine library. From art to food to matters of the mind and heart, these recommendations are sure to introduce you to something new.

Julius Shulman. Modernism Rediscovered by Pierluigi Serraino
This book is a museum that you can hold in your hands. Much of what we envision as the architectural aesthetics of the 1950s and 60s is influenced by captured images of specific, famous buildings. But what about the forgotten structures? Julius Shulman shows another side of modernism with these nearly 200 photographs that have been largely left out of the Modernist canon. Take a private tour of history into these rarely seen homes of the era.   

Ninth Street Women: Lee Krasner, Elaine de Kooning, Grace Hartigan, Joan Mitchell, and Helen Frankenthaler: Five Painters and the Movement That Changed Modern Art by Mary Gabriel
National Book Award finalist Mary Gabriel shares the thrilling stories of five women who revolutionize modern art. Breaking through a world dominated by men and an artform criticized as “fake” by the public, these women chose to further escape the social norms of their time and changed how we think of abstract art.

Food City: Four Centuries of Food-Making in New York by Joy Santlofer
There is an endless number of wonderful food and restaurant guides we could direct you to (some of which are in this library), however, the development of food culture and manufacturing in New York is a largely overlooked but entirely interesting subject. Enter the 2017 James Beard Award nominee Food City. Joy Santlofer takes a historian’s approach to one of the world’s “food capitals,” discovering the history behind brands such as Thomas’ English Muffins, Hebrew National, and Twizzlers. With sections that share focus on bread, sugar, drink, and meat, this gastronomical text will open your eyes to a whole different side of this foodie city.

This Explains Everything: Deep, Beautiful, and Elegant Theories of How the World Works by John Brockman
This is an excellent choice if you’re interested in exploring new topics, but only have short bursts of time to read. With over 150 essays on everything from economics to language to philosophy, you’re bound to learn something new. Each new article-style entry will spark your mind to think more deeply about subjects you may have previously deemed out of reach.

The Organized Mind: Thinking Straight in the Age of Information Overload by Daniel J. Levitin
Close your laptop, put your phone on airplane mode, and dive in. Neuroscientist Daniel J. Levitin uses his unique expertise to give readers insight into how your brain deals with a constant barrage of information. You might not be able to control the data flow into your mind, but understanding how it’s processed can help you regain a sense of mastery over the way you organize your home, workplace, and time.

Lonely City by Olivia Laing
This book explores the unexpected loneliness of the city and how to embrace it through exploration and art, two of New York's best commodities. More than a memoir, but still deeply personal, Laing expertly taps into the loner artist with compassion, not an invasion, by sharing her experiences and creating a world to feel a part of. 

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